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There is almost not a man in the world who has never heard of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED or impotence is the inability of a person to achieve and sustain sufficient erection for the sexual intercourse. In no situation is this condition considered normal and a person who is suffering from it should seek some sort of a treatment when he experiences it. Men should also know that there are a lot of reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction and that a man of any age can suffer from it even though the problem is more common in older men.

How common is erectile dysfunction?

According to the data, every tenth man experiences this particular problem on a long-term basis. Inability to achieve an erection that occurs once or twice during a lifetime is a lot more common. Too much alcohol consumption or simple tiredness can cause this problem. A person who cannot achieve an erection in half of all his attempts is considered to have a problem with erectile dysfunction.

Is erectile dysfunction a normal part of aging?

There are a lot of people who ask this question and they should know that ED is not a normal part of aging. However, older men may need more stimulation in order to achieve an erection.

The causes of erectile dysfunction

There are various causes that lead to erectile dysfunction. First of all, men need to know that all three conditions need to be fulfilled in order for a person to achieve an erection. These conditions are proper functioning of the nerves to the penis, proper blood circulation to the penis and a stimulus to the brain must be present. If at least one of the conditions is not fulfilled, a person will not achieve a proper erection. Some of the most common causes are certain diseases that affect blood flow, nerve diseases, stress, depression, performance anxiety and an injury to the penis. Certain chronic illnesses can also cause erectile dysfunction. ED is also a side effect of certain medications.


People need to know that they can only prevent erectile dysfunction that is caused by personal behavior. There are ways a person can prevent it. On the other hand, almost all of the other causes of erectile dysfunction cannot be prevented. Men should also know that there are various ways erectile dysfunction can be prevented. The most common ways of treatment are oral medications, sex therapy, penile injections, vacuum devices and surgery.

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