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Erectile dysfunction may be caused by many reasons, including some emotional factors and stress, but also medical problems, like coronary artery disease or hypertension (high blood pressure). Many men suffering from diabetes and elevated level of blood sugar have experienced this problem, especially those who have not been controlling their blood sugar for some time. High level of glucose in the blood is known to provoke damage of neurons (nerve cells) and blood vessels and cause erection problems.

Step One – Talk to Your Doctor

Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction, because he/she can help you. Doctors are trained and they can find why you have problems with erection. Besides, they can also offer some information and prescribe the treatment for this problem.

If you do not know, ask about medical problems you might have and their connection with erectile dysfunction. It might be your diabetes or anything else you are suffering from that is preventing you to enjoy your sexuality, so it is best to know what is going on. Check with your doctor whether you are maintaining healthy blood glucose level and also check all medications you have been taking. Antihypertensive drugs or antidepressants may provoke erectile dysfunction, so consult your doctor, because there is no reason to be embarrassed about your health.

People under a lot of pressure and stress at work or in their daily life can also experience erection problems and their doctor may refer them to some counseling.Step Two – Choose Treatment

After proper consultation with the specialist, you will have several treatment options to choose from. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are probably the most commonly used drugs, but always discuss this treatment with your doctor and ask for possible health problems or drug interactions in your case. For some patients, doctors advise taking suppositories, penis pumps or penile implants. The treatment is chosen after careful consideration of all reasons and causes that have led to your erectile dysfunction.

As mentioned, stress-related erectile problems are usually treated and resolved with counseling.

Step Three – Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, a few good choices can make a world of difference to your blood sugar level and your sex life. Smoking is or may become responsible for narrowing of the blood vessels throughout your body, including the penis blood vessels and lead to erectile dysfunction. Too much alcohol may also cause similar problem, so quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption.

Regular physical activity, stress reduction and proper rest may also be beneficial for everyone dealing with erectile dysfunction.

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