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Even though suffering from erectile dysfunction may seem to equal doom for some people, this condition is not life-threatening. Namely, erectile dysfunction may manifest through a person's inability to get an erection necessary for indulging into sexual intercourse and go through the process successfully.

A Life-Threatening Condition?

Recently, medical researches have unraveled a connection between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular problems. Basically, having problems with your erection may be an initial sign of an oncoming series of possible heart problems. So, be on the lookout for signs of erectile dysfunction and react timely by seeking medical assistance.

On the other hand, if you suffer from some sort of heart disease or condition, treating this may result in disappearance of erectile dysfunction.

The Connection

There is a medical condition called atherosclerosis, manifesting through hardening of the arteries delivering blood to the heart due to over-accumulation of plaque. This plaque makes these blood vessels narrower and thereby inhibit proper blood flow through the area. However, before atherosclerosis affects larger blood vessels in the body, the process initially starts in smaller ones, like those delivering blood to the penis area. So, atherosclerosis firstly affects one's sex life before taking its toll on his life in general through a risk of strokes, aneurysms and peripheral artery disease.

Risk Factors

Men who suffer from diabetes are more likely to be affected by erectile dysfunction. Subsequently, they are prone to heart problems and other health complications as well. Furthermore, men older than 70 are a risk group for all of these disorders too. Additionally, obese or overweight men may easily develop atherosclerosis which can further affect their sex life and their overall health due to high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Smoking, suffering from hypertension or having a history of heart conditions in your family are all factors which can increase your chances of experiencing some of the above mentioned health complications. Finally, depression can lead to health deterioration which might manifest through erectile dysfunction as well.

The Treatment

Once either erectile dysfunction or cardiovascular problems have been diagnosed, treatment will take place, possibly involving exercising more, introducing various dietary and lifestyle changes, losing excessive body weight or using specific medications.

All in all, erectile dysfunction is not a condition to be neglected. It can affect a male's life severely, leading to depression, low self-esteem and various other problems. Moreover, when it is associated with cardiovascular illnesses, it represents an additional reason for one to worry and contributes even more to the overall mental status of the affected individual.

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