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Erectile dysfunction is a common health problem for huge numbers of men all over the world. Erectile dysfunction is considered a condition where men are unable to achieve and preserve the needed erection for the sexual intercourse. The condition is known as impotence as well. There are a lot of factors that influence the occurrence of erectile dysfunction but people need to know that there are ways to treat the condition. The issue can occur due to both physical and psychological causes.

The Study

Since erectile dysfunction is pretty common among men it is considered to be a problem that needs to be treated for various reasons. There are certain treatments that are frequently prescribed and those which are not that commonly recommended. Scientists are still looking for various ways to treat this particular problem in men. Viagra is probably the best known cure for erectile dysfunction. People need to know that when Viagra was discovered, researchers put even more effort into discovering new ways to treat impotence in men.

Scientists in Italy have come upon a discovery that will aid every man who suffers from erectile dysfunction. According to them the solution is weight loss.

One Italian study was published in the year of 2004. It included 110 men who were obese. These men were aged between 35 and 55 years of age. All of them suffered from erectile dysfunction. All these men were put on a special program that meant they would eat healthy food and be a lot more active physically. This food regime and exercise were meant to make them lose 10% of their total body weight. The program lasted for a period of two years.

When the period of two years passed, all of the men involved in the study lost an average of 33 pounds. In addition, all of the men were a lot more active physically after the period of two years. The most important news was that 30% of the men had major improvement in sexual function.

This study was very popular due to the fact that unlike almost all the other studies it included neither drugs nor surgery. The treatment consisted of a simple, healthy diet and more physical exercise.

According to various other studies, men of normal weight and those who are more involved in physical activities have less chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction than men who are obese and are not physically active.

Thanks to the Italian study, various other experts and doctors got interested in the idea that weight loss can be a treatment for erectile dysfunction. For instance, a certain MD called Christopher Saigal wrote an editorial in which he encouraged other doctors to take weight loss into consideration as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in obese patients. Weight loss was supposed to be the initial treatment for impotence in obese men. The Weight Connection

A lot of people wonder whether there is a connection between erectile dysfunction and weight loss. They need to know that the connection actually exists.

According to experts, four men out of five who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a body mass index of BMI greater than 25, which means they are obese. Men should also be aware of the fact that there is a 30% more chance that they will develop erectile dysfunction if their BMI is higher than 28.7.

In addition to this, men who are overweight have a lot more chance of suffering from various other health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, among various other chronic diseases.

A person who suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes or even pre-diabetes or heavily consumes alcohol or blood-pressure drugs has a lot more chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction compared to men who do not. Weight loss is good for treating all of these conditions and that is another reason why people should seriously consider it as an initial treatment for erectile dysfunction. Weight loss will significantly improve blood flow and almost every person knows that blood flow is important for a proper erection.

Benefits of Weigh Loss

The improvement of sexual function is only one of the benefits people receive from weight loss. According to experts, weight loss plays a significant role in improvement of insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and various other health conditions.

It is important for people to realize that even weight loss of just 5% will improve the overall health of a person.

A certain study known as the Massachusetts Male Aging Study claims that over 50% of all men aged between 40 and 70 suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. A lot of people make a mistake by not going to the doctor because they are too embarrassed. It is important to realize that the problem can be solved and that there are lots of other men who suffer from it too.

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