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“Hot Headed” People

Chinese medicine explains how talking about money or any other stressful topic at the table can cause loss of your appetite. The “talk” upsets the liver which then heats up the blood and thus the heat expands throughout the body. And that’s how the term hot headed came into existence.

Mother-Child Relationship

When the liver gets “hot” it attacks the stomach and the spleen. If we remember that each organ supports the other (also known as the mother-child relationship), this attack typically creates the domino effect which can be fatal for our digestive system. The problems start when one organ starts malfunctioning due to overwork or its weakness and as a result it starts attacking the other organs. This commonly happens between the liver and the stomach. Here are some symptoms of the “hot stomach”-reflux, indigestion, nightmares, constipation, mouth ulcers, bad breath and many more.

Organs and Emotions

The spleen and stomach are typically related with worry and pensiveness, liver and gall bladder are associated with anger and frustration. Suppressed grief and sadness are related to lung and large intestine, whereas fear and shock are usually linked with kidneys and bladder. When you feel the excess excitement of joy this is often related with heart function and small intestine. An excess of any of these emotions can alter the entire body as a result. So if you think deeper about this issue you will probably find that psychology can affect our health in so many ways.

What Each Organ Looks After

The liver is responsible for our eyesight, muscles and tendons, finger nails and certain aspects of the throat. When it comes to a girls’ liver, if it is healthy, the reproductive system of her body is fitter and the menstrual pain gets weaker. The boys should also keep their liver in a good shape, in order to prevent torn muscles, injured back, tinnitus and headaches. The spleen is associated with the blood production, body flesh, lungs, nose and breathing, kidneys with brain, bones and cartilage and the heart with tongue and circulation of blood.

All in all, try to keep you head cool and don’t allow yourself to be attacked, because just worrying about the problem does no one good.

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