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Sarah is definitely one of the most loved celebrities: she is one of the few that represents real woman she is not perfect (sorry), neither her face not her body, but she is perfect in being a true woman. Anyway this is not about Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, this is about Sarah Jessica Parker about her real life, her motherhood and her biggest hope: another baby.

Sarah (45 & looking great) explains her decision to use a surrogate mum. She says it was not about the lack of trying. She told US Vogue they tried and tried and it just wasn't meant to be. She said she would be the healthiest if she could give birth but she can't. Sarah wanted for her son James Wilkie to have brothers and sisters, the same as she did (Sarah grew up in a big family with 7 brothers and sisters). After unsuccessful attempts of trying to conceive, she and her husband decided to choose a surrogate mother: Michelle Ross (26) who gave birth to healthy twin girls last year. Twin daughters Tabbitha Hodge and Marion Loretta, with cute nicknames Babe and Kitty, will soon (in June) celebrate their first birthday.

Sarah admits that the secrecy of the situation was killing her: she said that they couldn't talk to anyone about expecting children. Anyhow, the role of big brother was the role James Wilkie took with his heart: on the day the family went to meet his new baby sisters, Sarah saw him combining his hair and standing in front of the mirror, saying (he doesn't know she saw him): "I have to be handsome when I meet my sisters". Awww so cute a true big brother! Take care of them, James! Secondary fertility is growing in numbers: Sarah is definitely not a isolated problem. Secondary infertility statistics prove this is a problem of a new age: a problem of women taking care of their careers for too long.

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