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LASIK is an abbreviated form for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. This procedure is used for treating vision problems caused by myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia etc. LASIK surgery recovery time is much shorter than that of many other procedures. For example, LASIK surgery is incomparably better than wearing corrective contact lenses, delivering almost instant results.

The Procedure

Before the procedure can commence certain preparations need to be made. Once this is done, a small flap is created on the surface of the eye. Then, this flap is moved and folded in order to open the space through which the laser can modify the tissue underneath. When the procedure is done, the flap is closed once again and the postoperative period starts, during which the eye recovers completely.

During the procedure, the patient is awake and fully aware, sedated only with a small dose of Valium or other mild sedative. Also, anesthetic eye drops are administered.

The laser, during the second part of the procedure, vaporizes the inadequate tissue without harming the healthy one.

Nevertheless, in order to have the procedure done in the best way possible, you need to find a good LASIK doctor. Remember than any mistakes made by the doctor may affect your future vision. Thus, settle only for the best.

Finding a Good LASIK Doctor

The best possible way of finding a good LASIK doctor is to ask other people and pay attention to the information you get. If you can have a doctor recommended by someone who has already had the procedure performed on him/her, you can use this as a guarantee that the doctor is good. Ask your family and friends to find out all they can about the best doctors for this type of surgery.

Additionally, you are best to learn all about this surgery, knowing what to expect. Carry out a research about LASIK centers near your location and read reviews and other important data, knowing what your choices are in this respect. Alternatively, search health forums and ask people who have undergone the procedure all the questions you find important.

A good LASIK doctor must have a history of at least 500 successful surgeries of this type. So, the more surgeries your doctor has done, the better he/she is. Still, once you opt for a doctor, check his/her background and records, calling the health center he/she works for.

Once you arrange a meeting with your potential LASIK doctor, inquire about the length of his/her career, about the number of surgeries done so far, about the technology used during the procedure and about measures involved once a procedure turns out to be unsuccessful.

Make sure that the clinic tells you to undergo many tests before the surgery, since this is very important for the overall success of the procedure. All in all, find a doctor matching all the above mentioned criteria and have a LASIK surgery which will change your life for the better.

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