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Introduction to tendonitis

In order to know what tendonitis is, we must first know what tendons are. The tendons are bands of tissues that connect the muscles and the bones. They are essential to stretching and to the movement of muscles.

When a person has tendonitis, they have a condition in which the tendons become inflamed.

This condition can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, and it usually results from the overuse of the tendons. Another reason this occurs is because the tendons tend to lose their elasticity as a person grows older. When the elasticity of the tendons decreases then people are more prone to being injured.

Tendonitis can occur almost anywhere on the body and is a typical injury of the elbow, heel, Achilles tendon, hands, and shoulders. Symptoms

It is important to identify the symptoms of the tendonitis in order to treat it appropriately.

The fast the symptoms are identified and the tendonitis is diagnosed, the more likely it is that there will be a full and early recovery as well once the treatment begins.

The problem with tendonitis is that the acute pain is gradual and gets worse over time. The pain is greater when a person is more active, but then it dies down once again when the person is resting.

The pain is oftentimes accompanied by tenderness, stiffness and redness of the area as well.

When the pain is at its peak, there will be a somewhat throbbing sensation felt in that area. Treatment

The most important part of the treatment of tendonitis is to rest the tendons. If a person actively participates in sports, they must stop for a while in order to give the tendons time to heal. If the tendonitis is of the foot, then complete bed rest is recommended.

Ice can also be applied to the tendons in order to reduce the pain and swelling.

It is also a good idea to wear some kind of protective gear, like a splint or a brace in order to restrict the movements of the muscles and tendons so that they can get rest and also to prevent further injuries. Braces for most parts of the body that are susceptible to tendonitis can be purchased at just about any drugstore.

If the pain is very bad, then painkillers can be taken, though it is important to first consult a doctor and ask them to recommend a good treatment for the pain.

Another good idea is to massage the painful areas. Massages will help the damaged tissue to heal and to relieve the pain. Massaging also improves circulation, which will also bring down the swelling.

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