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Tendonitis or Tendinitis includes inflammation of tendons. The fibrous structures-tendons attaching bones to muscles. It is classified upon the part of body that is affecting. It is usual to affect shoulders, wrists, elbows or heels. Repeating the same movement in consistent activity or exercise may result this sort of injury. Chronic overuse of tendons may cause tearing of the collagen matrix that causes step by step softness of the tissue.

Rebuilding the affected with tendonitis area is called tendonitis treatment. Tendonitis pain lies off in a 3 week times, but full recovery need a bit more time, because scar tissue recovers in 6 weeks time or at most 1 year. Tendonitis problems need patience. But if tendon does not have sufficient time to recover, tendonitis condition is back to a painful stage. If the pain is back it is necessary to:

Cut off activity that is creating pain. Painful area needs 3 weeks to rest.Painful area can be braced to cover up further strain or inflammation.Painful area need time to heal itself.Use medications to fight inflammation, wider the blood vessels ease tendonitis pain and stop tissue stiffening.Check the situation after 3 weeks.Only slight movement or stretching is to be applied to inflamed part.Control movement of affected area.Exercises slight movement for 3 weeks.Try not to be too active during that period.Injured part need to be warmed up on a proper way before any regular work out.

If all advices for tendonitis treatment fail there are treatment methods that are necessary to follow.

First is a massage therapy that treats tendonitis pain and recovers injured part. It is important to inform a massage therapist about tendonitis condition, so he or she wouldn’t damage the affected part.

Second is ultrasound that manages to increase circulation of a scar tissue around the tendon and suit painful area. Ultrasound transmits a vibrate sound waves on the affected area and this phonophoresis helps nutrient solutions to get to tissues.

Third are supporting braces that are preventing tendonitis. Braces are supporting painful part and are limiting the movements and that is a joint rehabilitation. It may be applied to ankle, neck, knee, elbow etc...Braces should be used in the combination with resting and tendon rehabilitation.

Fourth is tendonitis surgery and is a final solution where there is no other help. It is the final step used which is hopeless and are in very bad cases of tendonitis.

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