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High blood sugar or also known as hyperglycemia is a state of constantly elevated level of sugar in your blood. It is usually symptom of some other disorder in your body, most commonly some type of diabetes.

Symptoms of high blood sugar are either very discreet or non visible so that you can have maybe years of this disorder, and not knowing about it. That is why it is sometimes called “a silent killer”, because its lack of visible symptoms and damage that can do to various internal organs in the body can be massive, because it takes sometimes years to be noticed or diagnosed.

There are number of factors that can cause a high blood sugar level such as certain health conditions, emotional stress, certain health supplements and conditions, lack of regular exercises, certain types of medications, etc.

So, it would be a good idea to watch for presence of following symptoms, and check your blood sugar level regularly;

Blurred visionExtreme tiredness or fatigueAlways being hungry or thirstyImpotence or similar sexual performance problemsDry mouthUnexplained or sudden weight lossFrequent urinatingItchy and dry skinRecurrent infectionsSlow healing of wounds

In case that you have one or more of those symptoms, it would be a good idea to consult your doctor. He can advice you, after determine that you have a case of high blood sugar level, of following; introduce you to proper diet and nutrition practices, recommend you some blood glucose analyzers, change your doses of medication, or change medication altogether, or recommend you adequate exercise programs.

In order to address this disorder in more long term perspective, you must adopt all this recommendations for a prolonged period of time. If not, there are several possible serious complications of high blood level of sugar.

If you are diagnosed with certain type of diabetes you must follow all of your doctor’s advices and take your medication, insulin shots, diet and exercises regularly.

You must watch out for any symptoms or signs of infections; poor blood circulation caused by high blood sugar level means that the ability of the body to properly fight infections is diminished.

Risk factors are elevated in cases of high blood sugar level of heart stroke and other heart deceases. You must have annual check ups regularly.

Eye problems may occur sometimes; check your eyes regularly.

Kidneys are also at risk so as legs and feet. Keep an eye of any abnormal occurrence of those organs.

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