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When one experiences a sudden considerable drop in the levels of the blood sugar,we say that he/she suffers from hypoglycemia. Glucose is the simple sugar that our body cells use as a fuel of energy necessary for performing the dailyactivities.

Diabetes is the prime condition related to hypoglycemia, but there are alsosome other health conditions that also contribute to the occurrence of low bloodsugar levels. We should know that hypoglycemia is not a disease, but only asymptom or an indicator of some other health problem present in the body. A sudden fall in the level of theblood sugar requires prompt medical attention either by medications or withfoods high in sugar. If hypoglycemia lasts for a long period of time, it isnecessary to establish and treat the cause.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia

Low blood sugar levels directly make negative impact on the brain since itneeds enough sugar because it does not produce its own energy. Therefore, quite common symptoms of hypoglycemia are related to the brain problems such as confusion, unusual behavior and incapability to do simple activities. Furthermore,certain problems with the eyesight may appear as well, such as blurred ordouble vision. Other symptoms of hypoglycemia associated with the brainfunction are seizures and unconsciousness, although these two symptoms occurvery rarely.

Among the other symptoms that are related to the other parts of the body,heart palpitation, hunger and sweating are most common. Furthermore, the personwho experiences abrupt drop of the blood sugar may experience tremor andanxiety, as well as paleness, headache and numbness of the lips and tongue. Sincethese several symptoms are quite normal to appear in many other health problems, the measuring of the blood sugar levels is necessary so that the hypoglycemia canbe diagnosed.

Causes of hypoglycemia

Apart from diabetes, low blood sugar levels may be caused by several otherreasons. The use of certain medicines can have hypoglycemia as a sideeffect. Furthermore, people who are used to consume excess amounts of alcoholare more prone to experience hypoglycemia since the alcohol usually obstructsthe liver to release the stored glucose into the blood. The liver disorders, such as hepatitis B, the kidneys diseases and anorexianervosa are some of the medical conditions that are the potential causes forthe occurrence of low blood sugar levels. Tumors and endocrine deficiencies are also among the culprits for theincidence of hypoglycemia.

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