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Man Boobs origin and side-effects

Physical appearance is an important factor for social interaction within society. Female features are universally attributed to females only, and inversely, male features to men. Accordingly, when there is a deviation from said pattern, such as in the case of Gynecomastia, consequences to the afflicted persons social status and mental well-being can be unfortunate.

Gynecomastia, commonly referred to as Man boobs, is a condition signified by a man’s chest area appearing more similar to that of female breasts than the normal, flat, male chest. Caused by the growth of muscle tissue, near the base of the nipple of an adolescent youth, and then flourishes into bigger areolas. High estrogen production as well as chest fat accumulation can all lead to this anomaly, which usually begins to develop around puberty. Estrogen is a hormone usually relating to women, and high levels of it are uncommon in men. Man boobs can hamper social interaction, as this condition can lead to severe loss of confidence, as well as the inability to appear at social gatherings of any kind where the chest region of the body is exposed.

Eliminating Man Boobs

This affliction can be treated in several manners, primarily by exercise. Jogging is an exercise that can boost the heart rate by advancing the breathing of the jogger, as well as eliminate fat by burning calories. It is also beneficial for the whole body. If the speed of jogging is considered to be strenuous, a rotating pattern of moderate walk to fast walk can also provide a similar effect. If performing elliptical workouts, rotating the arms in their sockets whilst lifting them up is recommended, as it can contribute to the fat burning process, thus diminishing the ’’man boobs’’. An all-round exercise such as swimming can be highly beneficial, especially the breast stroke as it can severely reduce the male breast size. The movement required throughout the process of swimming causes an even amount of workout for the whole body. The aim of most of these exercises is an improvement in heart rate, breath stability, muscle development and finally, fat burning, critical for eliminating the breasts formed as a consequence of Gynecomastia

Ridding oneself of "man boobs" is possible with the proper exercises, though progress might slower than desired.

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