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Male breasts are a medical condition less commonly known as gynecomastia, which is Greek for “women-like breast”. This syndrome affects many men, in fact as much as one third of all males, regardless of age.

Sometimes it affects only one breast, and more often than not men get rid of the symptoms by surgery.

When puberty starts, male hormones prevent the growth of breast tissue under the nipple and the areola area, but still, many boys experience temporary gynecomastia. The main cause of male breasts is the imbalance of hormones. So it is either the over production of the female hormone, estrogen, or the lack of male hormone, testosterone, that causes the symptoms.

Liver disease and obesity can also cause too much estrogen to be produced. Regular marijuana smokers and alcohol consumers also develop a bad hormone imbalance which leads to gynecomastia. There is even a possiblility of breast cancer developing, even though it is a predominantly female disease.

Some prescribed traditional medications for the treatment of ulcers and heart disease can also disturb the hormone balance, so one should treat the condition with some other alternative remedy to avoid the further development of gynecomastia.

Surgical procedure is the most common way of correcting male breasts. One can ingest natural health supplements which boost the production of testosterone, but these should not be used without a physician’s supervision.

A man can also use chest muscle exercises in order to develop a strong and toned chest. Once developed it will not look saggy. Weight loss programs also can help to a great extent, because they always include weight lifting, which produces more testosterone. Reduced body fat also greatly improves the visual appeal of one’s breasts.

It is strongly recommended that men avoid any type of alcohol as well as marijuana use. These substances both produce increased amounts of estrogens and by doing so they disturb the balance of hormones. And if it is not enough, these substances have a strong negative influence on general health.

Prolonged alcohol consumption does damage to muscles and organs. The liver is especially endangered by large amounts of alcohol consumed.

Having a personal fitness trainer that responds to individual needs and wishes greatly improves gynecomastia conditions to the point of bare visibility.

Sometimes the surgical option is not the best one, and before opting for doing so, one should try one of the aforementioned alternative approaches to the gynecomastia treatment.

By the end of the treatment, the person usually finds that the male breast has been so greatly reduced that surgery is not even an option anymore.

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