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Gynecomastia or "man-breast" is a term used to describe condition commonly known as having a woman-like breast although you are male. Gynecomastia is quite common, affecting as much as 30-50 percent of world male population, both young and old. Good news is that this condition resolves itself naturally in most cases.


It is normal for prepubescent boys to have a minute amount of breast tissue under the nipple or in the areola region (it feels somewhat like a button under the skin). Hormone secretion from testicles that starts off in puberty prevents further development of this tissue.

Still, some men do not loose breast tissue in puberty or develop it after puberty because of hormonal imbalance, such as overproduction of female hormones (estrogens). This imbalance can be triggered by obesity or liver diseases. Alcohol consumption and pot smoking can also cause gynecomastia. Medications used in therapy of ulcers, heartburn, heart diseases and high blood pressure can also cause gynecomastia and doctor's advice is desired if you suffer from these symptoms and have gynecomastia.

The really bad side

Gynecomastia may take some of the visual appeal away, but is otherwise pretty harmless, right? Unfortunately, not so. Presence of breast tissue opens the doors for development of breast cancer. Do you check yourself for breast cancer? Is something like "of course not, I am a male, why would I" your answer? That is why most male breast cancer cases, rare as they might be, are typically discovered at the advanced stage, which is definitely bad news.

The cure

Gynecomastia can be treated by a surgical procedure. Those who would rather avoid slices and stitches can try less invasive remedies. Natural health supplements can boost testosterone production, while all forms of steroids, unless prescribed, should be avoided. Pectoral muscle exercises are also a great idea, as chest muscles will develop, tone and pull those saggy breasts up, giving them a less feminine look. Various incline presses targeted at exercising of the upper chest area will do the job, and push-ups will help as well.

Starting some weight loss program also helps - less body fat makes man breasts less pronounced. Physical exercise, if included in weight loss program, triggers testosterone secretion, which, in turn, suppresses production of troublesome estrogen.

Avoidance of alcohol and marijuana, which are known to cause gynecomastia, also helps. Results obtained through noninvasive methods are often good enough to omit any need for surgery.

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