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Gynecomastia is a condition that affects 40-60% of men and sometimes it may affect only one breast. Problem can usually be noticed when a male is in puberty due to oscillation in hormone production. This can cause growth of tissue beneath the nipples which may appear like genuine male breasts, if this tissue becomes large enough. When fatty deposit builds under the nipple area it is known as puffy nipples.

Gynecomastia can also affect middle aged men. In this case reason usually lies in extra fatty tissue in the body, or obesity. If gynecomastia is associated with obesity exercise can be helpful to eliminate that extra fat. Since, with exercise fat cannot be burned from single part of the body, general fat burning exercises are recommended in order to tone and firm the muscles. This way, body starts to naturally burn fat and herbal supplement pills like Gynexin aren’t necessary.

Gynexin Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynexin is allegedly natural supplement created specifically to reduce benign enlargement of the male breasts, or gynecomastia. Gynexin works by targeting and burning fat cells in the chest area.

Men affected by gynecomastia are sometimes choosing to use Gynexin herbal supplement pills as painless and much cheaper alternative to male breast reduction surgery. Gynexin claims it reduces man breasts and puffy nipples within six months while first effects of Gynexin can be noticed six weeks after beginning of taking these pills. Gynexin also claims to be 100% natural and apart from males breast reduction it can reduce fat from body torso.

According to the instructions, Gynexin has to be taken with meal and plenty of water. Supposedly, Gynexin must be taken three times a day for two or three weeks in order to notice the effects on torso. Furthermore, after around six weeks breasts become firmer and within six months the breasts will be significantly reduced.

Gynexin Side Effects

Even though it claims to be 100% natural, exact ingredients are unknown to the consumer. Thereby, besides it is a natural supplement men should be aware of potential side effects before make decision to reduce their breasts with this product. Gynexin side effects may include following: Stomach irritability - Because of this side effect, this supplement it is not recommended for men suffering from irritable stomach. Increased heart rate - Another possible side effect of the supplement which will disappear if consumer discontinues Gynexin. Additionaly, men suffering from any kind of heart condition shouldn’t take this product. Dryness of the mouth – Feeling of thirst can disappear if a user increases fluid intake while taking Gynexin.

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