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What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis vulgaris is a chronic disease of the skin, caused by an autoimmune system. When someone suffers from psoriasis, his or hers immune system sends wrong signals, thus causing overgrowth of skin cells. The disease is often recognized as red and white scaly patches on the skin. Accumulated skin can look silvery white, and it can affect specific areas of the body such as scalp, elbows, genitals, joints, palms of hands or soles of feet. However, psoriasis can cover the whole human body and localization depends on the severity of the disease. This condition is chronic and patients suffering from this disease usually experience recurrent skin problems. Their skin condition tends to improve and declineand there seems to be no regular pattern to this process.

Usual treatments are able to help patients peeling hard scales from the skin, but the condition is not curable. In some cases, doctors may prescribe hormone medications like fluocinonide, mineral oils or coal tar products. These drugs are found to be very expensive, greasy or extremely unpleasant for everyday use and none of them can be claimed to be efficient for psoriasis.

Jojoba Oil for Psoriasis

Jojoba oil has been researched as a potential solution for people suffering from psoriasis, especially for those experiencing intense itching, clumping of the hair and open sores due to the disease. Jojoba bush is the plant that has been used for many centuries in Native American medicine against sunburns and for chapped hands. Liquid wax derived from this plant is what people usually know as jojoba oil, and it possesses keratolytic and keratoplastic properties, both extremely useful for many skin problems.

Ointment used in the research contained refined jojoba wax esters and it was massaged on the scalp two times every day. People had problems with cystic or purulent acne vulgaris, as well as the patients suffering from psoriasis, both unresponsive to custom treatments, experienced improvement of their skin condition. Many of them continued treatment with jojoba oil, after experiencing initial enhancement of the skin.Jojoba oil was noticed to ease the removal of the scales from the skin and also to soften the skin affected with psoriasis. Even though many patients experienced no improvement if the skin was erythematosous, or the scales have reappeared after some period of time, they all found jojoba oil treatment effective. This oil was also appreciated because patients felt comfortable to use it daily and it has no bad smell, as many other psoriasis treatments do.

LANNI Ultimate Moisturizer is one of the products that people suffering from psoriasis might find useful. It is made of 100% pure jojoba oil, and is claimed to contain no preservatives, perfumes or any other additives.

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