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Are you expecting a baby or currently trying to get pregnant? It goes without saying that you want to give your baby the healthiest start in life. You want to eat the best and most nutritious food within your reach. Does that mean you should make going organic a priority during pregnancy? Organic more nutritious? Research about the nutritional value has been ongoing ever since the term "organic" came into existence. So far, there is little evidence that organic produce and meat are actually more nutritious than their conventional alternatives. And of course, "organic" does not necessarily mean "healthy" either it's still possible to eat an all-organic junk food diet.

Many people find organic food fruits and vegetables much more tasty though, and if organic strawberries satisfy your pregnancy cravings, you are doing a lot more for your body than if you were eating donuts. Avoiding harmful substances Pesticides and chemicals may well cross the placenta, and reach your baby. Breastfeeding mothers should also be aware that whatever they consume may have the potential to get to their child too.Organic food was produced without the use of pesticides, chemicals, hormones, preservatives, genetic manipulation, or colorings. All of these factors make organic items a lot less unhealthy than conventional food. But organic food say still have some problems, like bacteria. You are best off if you get your organic produce from local city farms, and with a little effort you could even get into backyard or balcony gardening.

Beware of only buying from one source though, because you'll limit your exposure to anything bad that may have got into the food you buy by adding diversity. When you can't go organic Many families would find that eating organic would be a terrible financial burden, while others simply find the cost prohibitive. What are your options if that describes you? Well, it is good to remember that conventional produce and meat is also subject to government regulations and testing, and that they are definitely fit for human consumption. If you really want organic food, you may try to grow some of your own fruit and veg. If you buy directly from the farmer, bartering or discounts may also be available if you ask!

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