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Fibroids are benign tumors that grow outside or inside wall of the uterus. In very rare ceases they can become cancerous. Fibroids affect up to 70% women of reproductive age. Usually, they don’t cause problems and don’t require treatment. However, if they grow very large they may cause heavy menstrual bleeding, pain or infertility.

Causes of FibroidsFibroids are very common, but it is not known what exactly causes them to develop. Women who have close female relatives with fibroids are more susceptible to this condition. This means that cause can be partly genetic. It is known that certain foods cause fibroids to grow. That refers to foods rich in estrogen and xenoestrogens. Women who are seeking for alternative ways of treating or preventing fibroids should avoid such foods.

Fish, Meat and Milk Products

When you eat meat of carnivorous animals, you are exposed to xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens build up in fatty tissue. When an animal eats other animal, it increases the level of xenoestrogens in the body. Because of this, human, being on the top of the food chain may have increased level of xenoestrogens as well. Larger fish have elevated xenoestrogens level if they eat smaller fish. Smaller fish survive by eating algae that are contaminated with the chemicals. These chemicals accumulate in the body of fish since the body cannot process them. That means that women who want to prevent fibroids shouldn’t eat such fish.

Meat can be rich source of xenoestrogens especially if comes from commercial farms. Farmers usually give synthetic hormones, which include xenoestrogens, to livestock in order to induce their growth and increase their weight. These chemicals also pass into milk therefore milk products can be contaminated as well. Eat less meat and milk products that come from non-organic sources to prevent fibroids and relieve symptoms if you already suffer from fibroids.

Fruits and Vegetables

Non-organic vegetables and fruits are often treated with chemical herbicides and pesticides. Many of these chemicals have been forbidden in North America, Europe and Australia. Imported fruits and vegetables, coming from countries where these pesticides and herbicides are still used, are common source of xenoestrogens.

Packaged Foods and Plastic Containers

Non-organic packaged foods are full of artificial colors, flavors, additives and preservatives. If foods and water are stored in plastic containers xenoestrogens enter into them. Xenoestrogens are fat-soluble and easily enter in fatty foods. This way women consume these chemicals which contribute fibroids development. Also, it is recommended to avoid heating foods in plastics because you may consume extra xenoestrogens.

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