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We are all aware that organic food is better for us. Organic food is much healthier compared to conventionally made food. Many people are converting to the organic food particularly people who are suffering from chronic illnesses. They do this because they have been told that organic food is better for them. However, an unfortunate fact is that the official agencies of food products across the globe made an agreement that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest there is any nutritional difference between organic food and conventionally made food. However, our common sense tells us that organic food, being pesticides free, has to be safer, healthier and more nutritious for us than conventionally made food.

The Health Benefits of Organic Food

There have been many researches done to compare organic food with conventional food and the answers have always been very contradictory. This situation is a real shame. The results of various studies were very different due to poor quality tests conducted and/or agricultural and/or analytic flaws.Tablets used for official food composition tests performed by the US Department of Agriculture, show that from 1940s onwards the actual mineral concentration in vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat products has decreased. The products became 'swollen', that is, full of water due to the artificial fertilization of the conventionally made foods. The difference between organic food and conventionally made food showed that organic food has more dry matter which actually means it is a real food. It also has more vitamins and minerals. Because of that, if you eat conventionally made food you may not be receiving the right amount of recommended vitamins and minerals as you think you do. It is also known that organic food contains at least ten percent more phytonutrients, most of which are antioxidants.

Lowe Pesticide Residues In Organic Food

Eating organic food will keep us healthy and safe. The food industry claims that the amount of pesticides found in conventional food are within a safe limits. But surely we feel better knowing we eat food that is without any pesticides.

Children Need Organic Food

Children are inevitably more susceptible to infections caused by toxins from food because they have underdeveloped organs and immunity systems and they tend to eat more than adults compared to their body weight. It is a fact that children in America who consume organic food, have less than one sixth of pesticide in their urine.

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