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When you walk into the grocery, you can see vegetables and fruit on the shelves fresh, and they came from different parts of the earth. Many researches confirmed that consuming high fiber food reduces your risk of illness and slows down the aging. However, the question is, are they safe? The answer depends on their origin and local practice in growing fruits and vegetables.It is a known fact that buying local organic food is healthier. Also, it protects the local economy and environment. On the other side, supermarkets usually do not know the origin of products on the shelves, and the fact is that many foreign countries use pesticides that are banned in USA. Surprisingly, most of the unsuitable food with banned pesticides is returned to Mexico.

Using chemicals

Today’s generation of farmers is first to use pesticides in plant growing. Earlier generations grew everything organically. Now there are many different kinds of pesticides. One of the pesticides that is most popular among farmers is kind of nerve chemical that is used on many fruit and vegetable such as: apples, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, legumes, strawberries, tropical fruit, walnuts, etc. An interesting fact is that the beans are the most resistant plant and because it has a very hard shell, where pesticides can’t penetrate.When using a pesticide, farmers dip a seed of plant in pesticide, so the pesticide remains in the plant for all its life. So the pests trying to eat the plant, even without being directly exposed to the poison, will die. Imagine how much of this kind of poisons is accumulating in our bodies for a lifetime. Furthermore, the people most at danger from pesticides are the ones who need the best nutrition - the very young and the elderly.Insecticides considered less toxic than chemicals are bacteria that arrest the insect's growth to maturity. One such is Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.), bacteria that make crystals that penetrate the insect's digestive system. However, this bacterium dissolves extremely slowly in the ground and because of it, many species of bees, moths and butterflies are endangered. If you ask is there a safe pesticide, the answer is “yes”. There is a pesticide made of neem tree leaf. This leaf is used as a tea, oil or powder in India, where many benefits of this plant are known.

What to Do

Best advice to you is to take control of your health by choosing only the best quality food. Organic food from the known origin is your best choice, of course, if you can’t grow food at your own home.

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