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People do not think about hemorrhoids until they areaffected by this incredibly unpleasant and often incredibly painful problem,but this goes for most of the health issues as well, and in a way, it isnormal. The truth is that it is enough to read a few lines and facts about thehemorrhoids in order to get a clearer picture on how unpleasant this condition canbe. However, it is also truth that only those who have to deal with the problemin question know what it means exactly and to what extent their life would be easierand better if it did not exist. There are numerous methods of treatment, butthere is not always a guarantee that the hemorrhoids will be cured successfully, or evenif they are removed, there is not always a guarantee that they will not appear again.This is why it is highly recommended to find out in which ways their occurrencecan be prevented.

What can be done for the prevention of hemorrhoids?

It might come as a surprise, but by following some simplesteps, hemorrhoids can be avoided, and the majority of these steps refers tohealthy life habits.

For a start, fiber should be present in sufficient amountsin the diet. Even though supplements are a rich source, it might be a betteroption to get them from fresh fruits and vegetables, or from whole grains.Alcohol and drinks that contain too much caffeine should notbe consumed often, because they are not good for overall health, or forhemorrhoids. Diet cola belongs to this group as well. Regarding the drinks,water is of essential importance for a number of body functions, and it isimportant to drink it in sufficient quantities. It prevents constipation, whichis further important for prevention of hemorrhoids.The anal area needs to be clean and its hygiene should bewell maintained. If this area is not washed regularly, irritation might occur. Besideswashing, it is necessary to change the underwear frequently and to wear thosemade of cotton.Weight also affects the chances of developing hemorrhoids,because obesity, for example, is one of the main contributing factors. Due toextra weight, veins and tissues will put up extra pressure, which might result inhemorrhoids.And the last piece of advice that will be mentioned here isto avoid straining and pushing during the bowel movement, because this can alsoinduce too much pressure in the anal area.

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