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Pregnancy Bleeding

Remember that this is not something that should happen during pregnancy, so visit the hospital the minute you experience this problem. Miscarriage or the threatened abortion is when the bleeding occurs from the birth canal before twentieth week. Bright red bleeding, blood stained discharge, brown spotting and abdominal pain may accompany this problem. The risk of the miscarriage will affect the amount of bleeding, which means that chances of miscarriage are as high as the amount of bleeding. Also, if you are experiencing pain, it can signify miscarriage. Remember that 25% of women suffer from bleeding during the initial three months, but 70 to 80% of them will take the pregnancy to fullterm.

Although it can be dangerous to bleed, sometimes, it does not pose any danger. It can be considered common if it is present in the early stages of pregnancy. Hormonal bleeding and implantation bleeding are two most common causes of bleeding in early stages, and both of them have no effect on the pregnancy. Hormonal bleeding is produced by alteration of hormones and it usually occurs around the time for menstrual period. It is described by light bleeding, so it is usually not mistaken for menstrual bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs once the blood vessels that are found in the uterus are opened up by the placenta and the embryo from the uterus walls. It causes very light spotting.

Threatened Miscarriage and Miscarriage

When the problem of threatened miscarriage is present, it begins with light bleeding which stops. It usually continues with the pregnancy, but in some cases it can lead to miscarriage. Miscarriage is evident if the tissue has passed, heavy blood flow contains clots, pain is experienced and there is a heavy bleeding present. Once this happens, there is no chance the pregnancy will continue.


Just like with any other medical problem that you might be having, the best thing you can do is to call a professional. Try to get a hold of your doctor or midwife and tell them what has happened. Explain the color, consistency and the flow of the blood, and also say if the tissue or clots can be visible in the blood. Give as much details as you can. Physical examination can see what the problem is. Avoiding exercises, but avoiding sex and stress are also ways in which you can eliminate the problem of threatened miscarriage. If the doctor sees that fetus is not viable, miscarriage has happened. Try to remember that this is something that can happen to anybody and it happens a lot. There is no reason not to try again. Nobody is to blame for it. Emotional problems will surely occur if miscarriage happens, but you have to overcome this feeling and know that you have to try again.

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