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There are many more miscarriages each day than most people would think. In actual fact there is approximately one out of every five pregnancies that end in a miscarriage. Most of the time women are not even with any knowledge of being pregnant or even of having a miscarriage but even still, it is wise to know the symptoms of having an early miscarriage.

The following process it what will make you technically pregnant. First the egg divides when it vacates the ovary and goes down the fallopian pipe and finally reaches then uterus where it will now be called a blastocyst which means a lot of cells stuck together this is where the blastocyst attaches itself to the wall of the uterus and where the semen can make the conception thus the start of pregnancy. The second thing to happen is called implantation, this is when the blastocyst dissolves surrounding tissue to be used as food and if the tissue is not up to scratch then a miscarriage will take place. The only way you will know you have had this type of miscarriage is by having a slightly late period that is heavier than normal for you. As mentioned earlier in the article out of every five pregnancies there will be one miscarriage and the majority of them will occur within the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

A threatened miscarriage will give symptoms like a weighty feeling in your stomach coupled with a cramping or tingling and twitches. Another sign of a threatened miscarriage is experiencing bleeding at the dates you would of normal expected your period however this is sometimes just the body going through the implantation procedure. Other times the women may experience bleeding that continues and becomes even heavier and if this bleeding becomes really heavy and clots are visible then it is important you contact your GP. Most women that have been through a miscarriage will say they just had a feeling things were not right, a sixth sense if you will. If the baby has been found to be dead in the uterus then the miscarriage will absolutely follow, this is called a spontaneous abortion.

An unfortunate fact is that most miscarriage causes are unknown still today some people will say they occur because the women’s body recognizes that there is a health or physical defect with the baby and some will say they happen because the women’s egg was not forming correctly. It is known however that a lot of miscarriages happen when there is a fever present.

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