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Most women can get afraid once the brown discharge starts to appear, but this is nothing to be alarmed about. The early pregnancy period can be associated with a very common brown discharge. You may imagine the fear that a mother experiences if the discharger is present. Suddenly the baby and mother are in danger according to the mother’s imagination. Not only discharge can frighten the mothers, but almost every change they detect can be dangerous for the baby. But the discharge is a problem that does not always need to worry you.


We will see what usually causes such discharge. One of the most common causes of the brown discharge is the implantation bleeding. This bleeding and brown discharge can appear especially during the fifth week from the last period. Many women find out about their pregnancy in this way, due to the implantation bleeding. This bleeding is brown and it is caused because of the connection made between the fetus and the uterus. Miscarriage is a more serious cause of the brown discharge, but it is usually followed by a number of other symptoms. Also, due to the embryo growth, the uterus also has to grow and this may affect the surrounding tissue, which can lead to the brown discharge. The brown color of this discharge comes due to the slow flow of the blood, which becomes brown along the way. The fetus needs protection in the form of blood, and once the old blood is not needed, the body removes the old blood that is brown in color.

Viral infection can also cause brown discharge, along with the pain, itching and burning in the vaginal area. The most common virus that causes this kind of problem is verruca virus. A very dangerous problem, especially for the mother, is a condition called ectopic pregnancy. This problem occurs when the fertilization of the egg is not done in the uterus as it should but in the fallopian tube. This can make the tube burst and even cause death of a mother. It also causes brown discharge. Penile irritation of the cervix can be the culprit for the brown discharge, but this problem is most usually created due to the sexual intercourse, and it is nothing to be worried about. The brown discharge can be a result of a vaginal examination and such discharge is the same as the one experienced due to the sexual intercourse. Just in case, you should see a doctor, although the cause of this problem is generally nothing frightful. Still, it can sometimes be a result of a more harmful problem, which is best treated if detected early.

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