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Commonly a female will have a menstrual cycle that is situated someplace between the twenty three and thirty five days and it stays relatively the same each month give or take a day or two in some women. In circumstances where the menopause is in sight the menstrual cycle may change its pattern to an early arrival of the period.

What is an Early Menstrual Cycle

An early menstrual cycle can consist of a few different patterns such as an anovulatory cycle which refers to a situation when the women’s egg cannot grow and consequently will not get discharged from the actual ovary. Another pattern is called oligomenorrhea and refers to menstruation happening very behind schedule, later than thirty five days and the woman experiencing a short three days of bleeding. A further reason for an early menstrual cycle is polymenorrhea which refers to situation when the menstruation happens but with an exceptionally small number of gaps in between, usually less than twenty one day. Lastly another reason for the early menstrual cycle is called amenorrhea and this refers to a period with no menstruation at all for in excess of two months.

Early Menstrual Cycle Causes

There are many causes as to why some women suffer with an early menstrual cycle, one being stress and depression. This happens because a woman who feels under pressure or extremely down will inadvertently create an imbalance in her hormones and this will roll on to the next month because the stress of having an early, unexpected period will obviously cause more added stress. Fatigue is another cause as well as a hormonal imbalance and this refers to two particular hormones called estrogen and progesterone which take on the role of influencing the procedure of ovulation in the menstrual cycle. The Treatment Procedure for an Early Menstrual Cycle

If the cause of your early menstrual cycle is due to a hormonal imbalance then you will more than likely receive some form of hormone replacement therapy. This can cause you to suffer with a handful of side effects so explore all other options first. Often taking alternative measures such as a herbal supplement and a simple lifestyle change may suffice. Herbs such as phytoestrogenic can assist in balancing the hormones in your body. Another herb called Black cohosh contains estrogenic compounds and is helpful in maintaining the estrogen levels in your body.

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