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It is considered that if a woman's menstrual cycle is regular and she knows precisely when she will get her menstruation, it is a sign that she is completely healthy. On the other hand, if her period is late, then it can mean that something is wrong. So we can say that a woman's menstrual cycle is not only important for the reproduction, but also for recognizing that something is just as it should be. There are many reasons that can induce late menstruation. Today's modern lifestyle is very disturbing for our body so this problem has become very common. In the next section, we will discuss about the reasons that lead to menstrual irregularities.
Main reasons for late menstrual cycle
Stress, whether it is affecting you physically, emotionally or mentally, can often cause this kind of problem. That actually means that any kind of distress can be the reason for a late menstruation. If you experience the loss of a loved one, if you work hard without enough rest, or if you have problems with finances, those could be some of the reasons that can induce late periods. This is because stress is affecting levels of hormones in our body, and due to altered hormone levels, we experience late periods.
Another very important reason can be poor diet. Women should eat healthy food that contains all the necessary substances for proper functioning of their body. Those women who suffer from eating disorders or have unbalanced diet usually have late periods. In addition, women who exercise too much or perform energetic and forceful activities are at higher chance to have late menstrual cycle. Oral contraceptives and some other medications can induce this problem as well. Oral contraceptives contain hormones and when those hormones entered a woman's body, they can increase levels of some hormones that are already present in the organism. That can cause delay in the cycle, but after some time, the body will get used to these pills and there will not be any problems. Certain health condition, such as conditions related to thyroid gland functioning, obesity, anxiety, menopause and many other health problems can induce late periods.
How do we treat this problem?
We have many available ways in which we can treat late periods, but it is always important to know what caused it. Women who are experiencing late periods should try to change their life habits. Alcohol and caffeine should not be consumed if you want to have regular periods again. Exercises, yoga and meditation can also be very helpful. Drink a lot of water and eat fruits and vegetables. You can also try with some natural remedies and seek for medical help if you are experiencing irregularities of this kind for longer than seven months.

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