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It is normal for a woman to lose menstruation during pregnancy. She gets used to this specific condition and once she gives birth to her child she starts to think about menstruation. Many pregnant women are curious about menstrual cycle after pregnancy. The variations are so different and there is no general rule regarding the onset of menstruation after the termination of pregnancy.

Characteristics of Menstrual Cycle after Pregnancy

It is not unusual for a woman to have a bit erratic and irregular menstrual cycle after she gave birth to her child. In many women menstruation does not occur until 5-6 months after the termination of pregnancy. Once the menstrual cycle is restored it is initially a bit irregular and the women does not menstruate on the regular bases. Furthermore, the amount of lost blood may vary a lot for month to month. Many women experience heavy bleeding after pregnancy. The previously mentioned effects occur due to an adjustment of the body to discontinuation of the pregnancy and restoring of the previous body functions.

First Menstrual Cycle after Pregnancy

The first menstrual cycle after child birth can be a tough one. Since the woman's body has undergone many changes during pregnancy the first menstrual bleeding is commonly painful and unpleasant. It is also possible that a woman will experience intensive premenstrual syndrome. Additional problems associated with the first menstrual bleeding after delivery are vomiting and dizziness. The bleeding may be heavy and not so well-tolerated.

Menstrual Cycle after Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Many say that breastfeeding represents one of the most important factors that affects menstrual cycles after pregnancy. The body may adapt to breastfeeding by delaying menstrual cycles. In some women the cycles only restore once they stop breastfeeding while others may restore regular monthly bleeding even though they are still breastfeeding. During breastfeeding the body secrets hormone prolactin. It can successfully suppress the ovarian function and prevent menstrual cycles from occurring.

Normalization of Menstrual Cycle after Pregnancy

Only a few women have difficulties regarding the onset of normal menstrual cycles. The problem can be perfectly dealt with proper diet and certain exercises. The food must be rich is all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Intake of plenty of water is a must. The woman must abstain from alcohol, junk food and smoking. Stress should also be managed with certain relaxation techniques and it is essential to have plenty of sleep and rest. Only if the previously mentioned does not provide with desirable results and menstrual cycle is not restored a women is due to consult her gynecologist.

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