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About ear drops
Children and swimmers are often victims of the ear infections and pain in ear. Ear drops in most of the cases can help in reducing pain in the ear and if the pain is the result of a mild health problem, home remedies and ear drops will do enough to solve the problem. Ear drops can be bought without a prescription in the drug stores. There are several types of ear drops that are available and we will mention some of them in this article.
Types of ear drops
There are antibiotic ear drops that can be used when the ear infection is caused by bacteria. This kind of ear drops works by killing bacteria that are attacking your ear canal. They also prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the ear. Antibiotic ear drops that can be bought without prescription are Swim ear, Auro dri and Star otic.
Swim ear drops are effective at the beginning of the treating process and often result in unclogging the canal and destroying microbes in the ear. It is an antiseptic medicine that is used quite often.Auro Dri are drops that are used when a person has water in the ear. Water can enter the ear due to the reasons such as swimming, and it can make a perfect environment for development of bacteria. When water is stuck in your ear, these ear drops can be very effective in removing it and making the ear dry. This will automatically destroy bacteria and make the infection go away.Star Otic are ear drops that are also providing dryness in your ears. Once again, moisture in the ear can result in infections, and getting rid of the moist will provide a relief for our ears. These drops are very effective and a person should use them few times per day.
Another type of ear drops that can be purchased over- the-counter are numbing ear drops. They are good for reducing pain caused by an infection. Auralgan and Aurodex are some of the types of numbing ear drops.
Auralgan is used when middle ear infection occurs, because this kind of infection usually causes extreme pain. These ear drops are actually anesthetics and they relieve the pain in the ear, but the individuals who have damaged eardrum shouldn't use these drops.Aurodex is also used for the same purposes as Auralgan, but the difference is that Aurodex drops can't be bought without a prescription in the US. In some other countries, these drops can be purchased over-the-counter.

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