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Kids Ear Infections

Children are very vulnerable to ear infections. Since theirbodies just start to build antibodies and fight against many microorganisms,they are much more likely to develop various infections, including those of theears. Statistic data show that more than 90% of kids younger than 7 years ofage have experienced ear infection.

Ear infections are usually caused by viruses or bacteria andin some cases they can be caused by complications of respiratory tract infection.Inflammation of the middle ear is the most common problem which can develop furtheron and lead to “glue ear” condition, so children can’t hear properly at the time. Thisinfection is also known as otitis media and it usually affects babies and veryyoung children. Pain and deafness in this case are caused by the accumulation offluid or pus in the ear canal, behind the eardrum. Eardrums normally burst withoutany treatment and the fluid gets absorbed several days (3 to 4 days) later. Afterthe absorption, the hearing usually returns back to normal again.

In severe cases, you need to seek medical assistance and thedoctor will prescribe some antibiotics to treat serious ear infection of your child.

Other causes of ear problems in kids may include: complicationsduring the pregnancy, genetic problems, head injuries, meningitis or presence offoreign bodies in the ear. Wax accumulated in the ear may also cause ear problems,as well as some changes in the air pressure or some benign health problems likecold, runny nose or sore throat.

Children suffering from ear problems usually experience painand fever. If the child is very young, he or she might be very irritated andstarts to pull his/her ears. Deafness is also something parents should noticeif there is some ear problem in their kid. Burst eardrum usually provokes discharge,so you should know if you see something coming out of your child’s ear.

Ear Infection Treatment

The best option is to bring your child and visit yourdoctor. He or she will properly diagnose the problems with your child’s ear(s)and prescribe appropriate treatment. Most children will get something torelieve the pain or course of antibiotic drugs. Earache may also be resolvedwith some ear drops.

Heating pad is known to help some kids suffering from earpain, so you might want to try this before child’s bedtime. Playing indoorswhile the infection lasts is also beneficial for the child.

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