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An American psychologist B. F. Skinner invented a special treatment for people suffering from behavioral problems. Basically, all our behavioral issues stem from things we do and do not do. Thus, through positive and negative encouragement, our behavior can be modified. This modification, of course, needs to run in a course which encourages us perform good actions and discourage us from performing bad ones.

The Core of the Technique

As it was mentioned above, positive and negative encouragement are the two basic tools of this type of behavior modification. Once a person does something good, he/she is rewarded and encouraged to do this again. On the other hand, once a person does something bad, he/she is punished and discouraged from doing the same once more. Naturally, this works differently with children than it does with adults and vice-versa. Negative reinforcement is used more with adults while, with children, positive encouragement is emphasized.Child Behavior Modification

Once you need to create a child behavior modification plan which you can follow later and ensure that it works, you must bear several factors in mind. Firstly, you need to be careful about the age of the child. Also, you need to consider the child's reading ability and other aspects of your plan.

Note all the behavioral problems the child is facing at the moment, saying that these need to be dealt with and be gone eventually. Then, note that the negative behavior is best to be countered with positive encouragement for positive behavior. Choose a reward which your child desires and announce positive behavior as a condition for getting it. The plan should be simple and easy-to-understand. Finally, you need to be consistent and obey the rules and regulations of your behavior modification plan.

Sometimes, a behavior modification plan that works with one child, may not work with another. Then, you need to modify it and make it compatible with the child's behavior and personality. Also, if a child is suffering from some sort of a disorder, be it mental, personality or physical one, you must accommodate your plan to these aspects.

Furthermore, the rules should not be too harsh. However, the rewards should not come to easily. Rather, a balance should be present, with the parent being as objective as possible, making sure the behavior modification plan is being followed and put to action completely.

All in all, a child behavior modification plan is an excellent tool for upbringing and teaching, once carried out properly.

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