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Conduct disorder is an issue that occurs in the children whohave emotional problems. It is important to recognize this disorder in itsearly phase, so that later problems are prevented on time. In general, conductdisorder appears in children who had an unhealthy upbringing and grew up undersome kind of stress and trauma. Other facts that have an immense influence on children andteenagers are society and schooling. If conduct disorder appears in a child, itmakes a child unable to behave in a socially accepted manner.

Conduct Disorder in Children

Other name for conduct disorder is disruptive behavioraldisorder. Children who suffer from this type of disorder have often troubleswith law and abiding rules. This disorder most frequently appears in childrenbetween 9 and 17 years of age and according to statistics, boys suffer more fromconductive disorder than girls. A child suffering from conductive disorderpresents a kind of danger to the society, other children and animals. It is important to set aproper diagnosis, so that a treatment conducted is done with a success. If notdealt on time with this issue, a child can grow up into an individual that isnot aware of its condition.

Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms of a conductive disorder can be apparent even atthe early years of live. If a child is over-aggressive and frustrated, it can bean early sign of a conductive disorder. Some of the causes that lead todeveloping conductive disorder in a child include severe trauma, physicalabuse, early rejection from a mother, and unhealthy relations within the family. Also,children to whom parents didn't give attention during growing up or a properamount of love can develop conductive disorder later. Symptoms that indicatethe presence of the conductive disorder in a child are often expelling fromschool because the problems with law, aggressive behavior, developingaddiction to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc. Children may even become sexuallyactive as a consequence of this condition, and then they become an easy targetfor sexually transmitted disease.

Conduct Disorder Treatment for Children

It is very difficult to treat a child from conductivedisorder. There are professionally educated therapists that can manage childrenwith this disorder, approaching them carefully.Supporting groups and caring family can also help a lot in dealing with thisissue, which is why it is very important to look for help if you notice any ofthese symptoms in your child. If the problem isn’t nipped in the bud, a child may developinto a criminal, causing a lot of stress and anxiety for his family.

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