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Dry skin accompanied by symptoms such as itchiness andflakiness may affect virtually any person so it should not be a cause for anyconcerns. Still it may be quite frustrating at times, especially in winter,when it occurs the most. A person may visit a dermatologist in order todetermine which the best treatment option for his or her individual problem is,but there are also certain other much simpler options which may be of greathelp for all those who suffer from dry skin.


Proper moisturizing is very important when it comes topreventing and treating dry skin. Those who are in need of very richmoisturizers should choose products which contain stearic acid, ceramides andshea butter. These ingredients are very efficient in replenishing the muchneeded skin barrier. Liquid cleanserswhich contain no soap are highly recommended. One should pat the affected areasof the skin for no longer than 20 seconds before applying a thick moisturizer.The skin needs to be moisturized after every washing of the hands. Moisturizingsunscreens in the form of sprays, gels, creams and ointments may also be ofgreat help. Proper humidification is also of utmost importance, because dry airis known for caused the skin to become dry and irritated very easily. Mostheating systems are known for removing moisture from the air, so they can alsobe responsible for the onset of dry skin.

Simple solutions

Humidifiers may be very helpful whenit comes to dealing with the aforementioned types of problems. Dressing rightfor the season is also very important. Sun damage is often the maincontributing factor when it comes to the development of skin roughness,wrinkles and dry skin. One should always wear sunscreen when spendingsignificant amounts of time out in the sun. During winter time, one needs todress in layers because that way the excessive perspiring and overheating maybe avoided easily. Both of them are known for causing dryness of the skin. Itis also very important to care of the lips and use lip balms or cover them witha scarf.

It is a widely known fact that skin irritation and drynessmay sometimes be associated with shaving. This is mainly due to the fact thatduring the process of shaving the natural oils get scraped off. One shouldalways shave after taking a shower because the skin is softer and the hairs aremuch more pliable. Hot showers and gentle cleansers are a must if one wants toavoid having dry skin.

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