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Dry skin is a certain type of ailment which is known forbothering a significant number of people everywhere around the world. In mostcases it is not a serious medical condition, but it is usually associated withplenty of irritation and discomfort. Dry skin can be relieved simply by eatinghealthfully, using a humidifier and moisturizing after every shower. Someserious cases of dry skin may require a person to pay a visit to adermatologist in order to determine the best and the most efficient treatmentmethod.


There are various different factors and causes which can beheld responsible for the onset of dry skin. Some cases are even triggered bycertain medical conditions such as diabetes or medicaments used for thetreatment of certain other medical conditions. One of the most damaging factorsis the sun. The harmful UVA rays are known for causing a lot of damage to theskin and triggering various different types of injuries and medical conditionsrelated to the skin. This occurs especially during the winter, so that is whyit is very important to wear sunscreen when skiing or indulging in any other activitieswhich involve exposure to the sunlight. The sunscreen needs to contain both UVAand UVB protection. There are a large number of people who use variousdifferent types of facial peels, but some of them may be overly aggressive andcause more bad than good. A peel is efficient in removing the topmost layers ofthe skin so that moisturizers can penetrate much better and reach the deeper layersof the skin. Aggressive peels need to be avoided and they should never be usedon irritated skin. Oxygen facials and moisturizing masks are highlyrecommended. Some people tend to towel off rather rigorously after taking ashower, and that is definitely a good idea, especially for those who tend tosuffer from dry skin. This is mainly due to the fact that excessive rubbingtends to involve a lot of irritation induced by friction. A much better optionis to pat the skin gently and apply the moisturizer as soon as possible, preferablywhile the skin is still damp. Certain skin care products such as face washesand soaps may sometimes contain detergents which are known for being veryharmful for those who suffer from dry skin due to the fact that they remove thelipids from the skin. Long, hot showers also need to be avoided as much aspossible.

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