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Dry skin is a common health problem that affects the skin due to the lack of moisture in it. Dry skin is not a serious problem but it is quite irritating. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the occurrence of dry skin and some of the most common are exposure to sun and wind, acne, dehydration and improper use of beauty cosmetics. Dry skin is a lot more common during the winter and summer months.

Dry skin

Dry skin is a lot more prone to wrinkles and fine lines and this is one of the main reasons why people are always looking for new ways to treat the problem. There are a lot of treatments that are good when a person is suffering from dry skin on face. However, the problem is that some cost quite a lot of money. This is why homemade face masks are so popular. Every person can make a face mask with the ingredients that most kitchens contain. People do not like to experiment a lot when it comes to face due to the fact that the skin on the face is a lot more sensitive than skin on other body parts. This is why there are some face masks that are very popular due to its excellent results.

Mask with eggs and honey

This particular face mask is very popular and effective due to the fact that it is excellent for hydration and skin texture restoration. Another reason is because it is easily made. A person will need one egg, one teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of sunflower oil in order to make the mask. The whites should be mixed until they become thick and then honey and sunflower oils should be added. The mask should be washed from the face after 15 minutes.

Banana and yogurt mask

Banana and yogurt mask is another well known mask that a lot of people like to use when they suffer from dry skin on face. Apart from being good for the dryness, this mask is also popular due to the fact that it cleanses the skin as well. In order to make this mask a person will need two bananas, one tablespoon of honey and half a cup of yogurt. All of the ingredients should be placed in a blender and mixed until the mixture becomes homogeneous. The mixture should be then applied to the face and washed after 20 minutes. People should use warm water to remove the mask.

Apart from these two masks, there are plenty more that people can make at home.

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