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The difference between apple juice and apple cider

Although both apple juice and apple cider are made from theliquid that comes from the apple, the difference lies in the way they areprepared. The apple juice is prepared by squashing the apples and thenextracting all the juice from them, after which all the pectin and starchcontent is completely removed from it. The next step is pasteurization of thejuice, which basically means that all the possible pathogenic organisms, thatcould potentially cause various diseases, are killed, all the while theessential good flavor and quality of the juice are preserved.

On the other hand, apple cider is a liquid that iscompletely unprocessed in any way. In a nutshell, in order to obtain cider fromthem, the apples are simply washed and ground into a mash, after which they arepressed. And that’s where the cider is obtained from. Naturally, the applecider is full of apple pulp, potassium, iron, and pectin.

How to make apple cider

First of all, it is important to emphasize that the morefresh the apples used to make the apple cider are, the better will be thecider. The next step is mashing the apples together in a blender, but in orderto that easily, they should be sliced into very small pieces first. As for howlong they should be in a blender, it should last until their texture resemblesa thick sauce or a puree. After that, a hydraulic press is used to squeeze outthe cider.

While some people quite enjoy the unusual taste of the applecider, others tend to find it too unusual. That’s why some people might need toadd some cinnamon or nutmeg to moderate the very characteristic taste of thecider.

The possible consequences of unprocessed apple cider

Should there be any chance that the cider was not preparedin a completely sterile hygienic manner, it could turn out to be quite a dangerto one’s health. Another thing that can go wrong is the fact that if asubstance called potassium sorbate is not added to the cider, the process offermentation will unquestionably occur, which means that the sugar from it willstart converting into carbon dioxide.

However, what happens when potassiumsorbate is added to the cider that is not pasteurized is that it basicallyturns it into alcohol. That’s why the best and also safest option would be topasteurize the cider.

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