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Let's face it, most of us have a few extra pounds, and that is if we arestill on the good side of the bathroom scale. Most people nowadaysare either overweight or downright obese. Also, most people wouldlike to lose the extra luggage they carry around. There are manyways to do this, some common and tried, some new and, supposedly,groundbreaking. Among the relatively new methods of losing weight isuse of weight loss supplements. These can be costly, but, accordingto their manufacturer, work miracles and make you thin as a branchwithin weeks. One of these is quick trim.


It is a popular dietary supplement used for purpose of rapid weightloss. It also has some popular promoters, well known public figures –so what they advertise should be true, right? Well, before you decideto part with some cash, you might want to know more, that is, youwant to know if it will work. Let us see what Quick Trim has tooffer.

Whatis it?

Basically,it is a mix of four weight loss products who that supposedlysuppressing appetite, burning fat, and contain antioxidantproperties. Its manufacturers claim that these decrease amount ofcellulite and work as a spot treatment for weight loss. Itsingredients are, depending on the product form the range, aloe veragel, chicory root fiber, lemon juice concentrate, cocoa extract,false unicorn root, acai berry extract, hyssop, green tea leafextract and other supplements. These products do not replace mealsbut are used between meals, and you are not supposed to make anychange in your dietary habits.

Itworks because...

Asthe manufacturers of Quick Trim say, because its properties will makeyou loose 8000 excess calories monthly and you do not need to doanything to help it as long as you consume the product regularly. Itworks by accelerating metabolism and acting as a fat burner. Numerousantioxidants reduce level of sugar in the blood and help to cleansetoxins and impurities from your body. These claims will make itpopular with people who definitely want to loose some weight. No painand all gain. But, again is it worth the money?

Doesit really work?

Thisgoes not only for Quick Trim, it goes for all quick weight fixes outthere, but, since we are discussing Quick Trim, we will focus on it.Firstly, it has no USFDA approval, so one might wander about itsactual reliability. Quick Trim also contains a large amount ofcaffeine, which causes all kinds of insulin - related issues and can,unrelated to this, cause side effects such as constipation, loss ofappetite and nausea. Some ingredients that are supposedly helpingweight loss are not clinically proven to be such. Are there anybenefits of consuming Quick Trim? Well, there are known healthyingredients in it, right? Yes, but these ingredients can be readilyfound in many foods that are already present in your diet, or may beadded to it with less money than it's needed to use them in asupplementary form such as Quick Trim. Indeed, if you can havesomething in a regular diet, why would you spend extra money to useit as a supplement? Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to weightloss and if you really want to get trimmed, you will have to switchto a well-balanced diet and some exercising.

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