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We all want to look younger and beautiful which is why many women use skin care products. However, not every product will fulfill our desire to have shiny skin without wrinkles. There are a lot of wrinkle creams on the market and they all promise that by using them you will regain youthful skin. Unfortunately, that is not true. Many of the popular brands have to spend a fortune on marketing and therefore, the price of their products is very high. They engage models or other celebrities that look very attractive and they pay them a lot of money to show up in the commercials so that people would think that they really use these products. That is all marketing and you should know that it might not be true. You should not be inspired by the commercials and adds to buy products for skin care without proper investigation. What is really important in skin care products is what they contain. Their ingredients are the ones that should be the main cause of buying them, not those supermodels that you see on television who allegedly use some of these products. Unfortunately, most of the people do not really know about the importance of the ingredients contained in skin care products. Some of the ingredients can even damage your skin and make it look worse.
Ingredients that should be avoided
There are some ingredients that are not needed in these products, but yet, manufacturers use them because of their low price. Some of them may even harm you and we will mention some of the ingredients that are not good for your skin, but are often found in these products. Mineral oil is one of the ingredients that you need to avoid. It can induce problems such as acne and skin irritation. When your skin gets used to mineral oil, it will become easily dry and look older. There are also fragrances that are artificial and smell wonderful, but your skin won't benefit from them. You should always rather look for products that contain natural fragrances. Another ingredient that should be avoided is dioxane. This is a substance that can cause cancer and your skin absorbs it very easily. Parabens also found as ethyl, methyl, butyl and propyl can also cause cancer and irritate your skin. Alcohol is an ingredient that can be hidden under different names, such as ethyl alcohol, methanol, SD alcohol and others. This ingredient will make your skin dry and irritate it.
Ingredients that are helpful
There are ingredients in products made for skin care that can really help you and those are the ones that promote the production of collagen and elastin in your body. Phytessence, Cynergy TK, CoQ10 and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 are innovative ingredients that you should look for in your skin care products. These ingredients together make a perfect combination for a proper care of the skin.

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