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This text will focus on the bandage or dressing called hydrocolloid dressing, which has gel-forming agent that is a lot like gelatin. Duoderm is a dressing of opaque color, which can aid the wound healing in areas with a lot of moist and prevent the infection of wounds. In order to be more familiar with this product called hydrocolloid dressing, first we will see what colloid is. A substance that can be dispersed evenly with another one is the substance called colloid. It is gaseous, liquid or solid in form.

Hydrocolloid Dressing

The particles of which this substance consists of, can be dispersed in water and obtain the form of liquid or a gel, which depends on the water in which it is placed. You can even make gelatin desserts such as jelly. The name hydrocolloid dressing is associated with these particles when they are used for treating wounds and skin issues. This is possible due to the semipermeable film, where an absorbent layer of gel responsible for this effect is located. Some of the problems this dressing can treat are eczema, acne, ulcers and minor burns.


This product is very simple to use, but before that, the wound has to be cleaned with a bacterial solution. Also, the solution should not be used on too hot or too cold wounds since this can decrease the effect. Putting powder or gel before the use of dressing is a good idea since this will create a better barrier between the wound and hydrocolloid sheet. Also, if you decide to use hydrocolloid gel, mix it with water until it resembles toothpaste in consistency. Now the application of the hydrocolloid dressing should start, and the fact it needs no water makes it even more effective. The dressing should be replaced with another one after 3-5 days, since this is the time of their efficiency. Once they start to peel off, they should be replaced.


The use of hydrocolloid dressing or duoderm will bring many benefits to your body. It will repel contaminants, such as bacteria, and this is the key benefit. It also contributes to the faster healing due to the wound cleaning. You do not need to be afraid about getting it wet because it is waterproof and water cannot affect it. Transparency is another plus that makes the wound visible, which makes the healing process as well. Remember to clean the wound from germs and make it sterile. Also, visit the doctor if some reactions of the body are visible.

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