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Acne is a problem that can be tackled from many differentsides and finding the right side may be a difficult thing to do. Naturalremedies are available and they are mostly used by people when they come incontact with their acne issue. Hopefully, these treatment options will prove usefuland more expensive and stringent remedies will be avoided. With so manytreatment options available, it is hard to choose with which to start, but homeremedies are used more in the beginning than the more specialized ones. Still, diagnosing the issue is very important and you would have to see adermatologist even when using home treatments so that you receive informationon how to approach this treatment. Also, specific problems need specifictreatments and by visiting dermatologist before starting with the treatment youwill find out what causes the problem, weather you are having acne, and whichis the best treatment option for your problem. The effects of the treatmentwill also be improved and the reappearance of the acne issue will be reduced toa minimum.

Salicylic Acid Cleaners

Acne remedies have salicylic acid and this is a very important ingredient forskin cleaning. This cleansing agent can be found in certain products so readthe label before you buy an acne cleanser. Salicylic acid is found in thewillow tree inner bark and can be located in numerous products for skin care.This substance prevents clogging of the pores by aiding the shedding of theskin cells and thus, promoting the growth of new cells.


You have to know that the scrubbing of the skin will not help with the acneproblem, but it will only make it worse by causing skin irritation and maybe even development of lesions and infection. There are sebum pockets and bacteria surrounding the hair follicles, and the common belief says that these can bedestroyed by scrubbing, but this is not true. The best way of treating acne iswith the help of lotions and topical creams containing vitamin A.

Mild Soap

Cleaning of the skin is a very important part of the treatment, but it will notremove the acne on its own. Use warm water to wet the face and then use mildsoap. You will get a good cleaning by making circular motions and this willprovide a massage of the skin as well, thus increasing the blood flow. Skin dryingcan occur if the soap is not washed away completely so be careful about this.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Greasy feeling on the skin will be a matter of the past if you use a skin moisturizerwith benzoyl peroxide. It will combat the bacteria and decrease the painful andtight feeling of the skin.

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