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Scalp Acne

This problem affects people of any age and sex. The scalp acne cannot be compared with the acne we consider regular. This problem can be produced because of the yeast, bacteria or some microorganisms, which are very similar to mites. When they are created, they appear usually in the area under the hairline, on the scalp of course. When scalp acne are present, the treatment has to be done and it is done in the same way as the regular acne are treated. If you have scalp acne, you have very itchy little pustules, which are located inside the scalp and they bring a lot of discomfort and annoyance. This problem can be considered rare, when we take facial acne and other types of them into consideration, and it is created because the hair follicles and sebaceous glands become inflamed due to the manufacturing of the oil.

Problems Experienced

We have said that these acne appear on the face, but they can also appear anywhere on the body. Also, this problem creates pain on the inside and the outside. Acne in general is very common, but we cannot put them all in the same basket. The scalp acne is very different from the ones we can see on the back and the face. The skin type usually determines the number of pustules created. Some people can have just few, while some may have many. The dryness of the skin can be induced with the use of some topical antibiotics. Some of topical antibiotics are erythromycin and clindamycin. The problem can sometimes be very serious and such cases demand the help of the dermatologists. Only, they can treat problems like cysts or nodules. For the problems that are persistent, there are several treatments available. One of them is the removal of the infected follicles or follicle with the use of a laser. The problem with scalp acne can sometimes be so great that it can affect the life of a patient. They can disfigure the physical appearance and bring great mental problems. The problem associated with severe cases includes black acne created on the whole scalp. For mild cases, just apply the salicylic acid with a cotton wool or ball and the problem will be eliminated. If they are not treated, pock type scars can appear. Probably the best solution for this problem is the benzoyl peroxide, which can be acquired as a cream and a solution. When applied on the skin, it will destroy the bacteria causing acne. The stress caused by the creation of the problem can lead to acne necrotica milaris, the problem connected with the small white-yellow pustule usually found on the scalp. This skin inflammation disorder has an official name and it is scalp folliculitis, and if you haven't suffered from it, you cannot compare them with the regular acne.

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