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Nowadays, one can choose from a vast array of differenttypes of use intended for the detoxification of the body. Most well equipped grocerystores usually have hundreds of various tea types to choose from. Tea is a muchbetter and much healthier type of beverage than any carbonated drink or soda,but it may also sometimes be associated with certain unwanted side effects.When one purchases tea it is usually a good thing to go for expensive types oftea because they are commonly worth the investment. Only types of tea which canbe used for the detoxification of the body are the natural ones which arehandpicked and are not treated with the process of bleaching. All other typesof tea actually contain certain types of chemicals which may be more harmfulthan beneficial. Such harmful types of tea may be associated with metalcontamination, because less expensive manufacturers tend to use metalharvesters. Tea types with bleached and brightened tea bags need to be avoided.The best option is to use pure tea leaves if possible, because that is the mostbeneficial way of ingesting natural fibers.

Tea Types

There are certain types of tea which are much more efficientthan others when it comes to detoxifying the body. The best liver detoxifierscommonly contain dandelion. It is very efficient in detoxifying the blood aswell. Milk thistle also boosts the functioning of the liver and prevents itfrom any further damage. Peppermint tea may also come in very handy when itcomes to detoxifiying the bloodstream and improving the blood circulation.Echinacea is very efficient in purifying the lymph nodes and the entirelymphatic system. Ginger root and garlictea is the best detoxifier of the skin. It can be consumed on a regular dailybasis and it is very important because it detoxifies the biggest organ in thehuman body.

All types of tea are fairly easy to prepare and they can beprepared anywhere just by using the tea bag and some hot water. With so manydifferent types of tea to choose from, every person may find a certain teawhich suits her or his personal preferences and needs. All beneficial types oftea are rich in polyphenols which are very potent antioxidants. Polyphenolsreduce the risk of cancers and heart diseases and they also fight off the freeradicals and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. The tea shouldalways be brewed properly and it should not be served with sugar or milk.

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