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There are a lot of types of the conditions which are manifested as the apparition of the darker or lighter spots on the surface of the skin, such as for example, freckles or the spots which are most common in the elderly people, and they are not, fortunately among the severe health problems. Nevertheless, they belong to the normal changes of the skin quality.
However, all the skin problems are troublesome mostly because of the aesthetic aspect, although a lot of the known conditions, of course, if not treated, can turn into the severe health problem. Similar, but not so severe is the case of the freckles, for instance, which usually worsen in the summer, that is, they tend to multiply, while, on the other hand, during the period of winter, they become less visible and their number decreases.
Similarly, another type of the pigmented spots are the yellowish small patches, which are among the most frequent indicators of simply being old. They are, as in the case of the spots mentioned above, the result of the concentration of the pigmented cells on certain spots, but, these age spots tend to affect not only the people with the whiter complexion, but the people in general.
Besides the mentioned pigmented spots, there is another, also very common skin problem, which appears during the period of being pregnant, and which is referred to as the pregnancy mask. This condition is manifested by the irregular and brownish, or to be more exact, rather blackish spots over the facial skin, which are, in majority of the cases, provoked by the functional changes in the uterus and ovaries.
The treatment for skin discoloration
As far as getting rid of this kind of problems is concerned, it cannot be done completely, but, fortunately, there are a lot of ways how to lessen the amount of them and make them lighter. So, first of all, one must stay away from the excessive sunbathing, since the sun rays provoke the melanin to make the skin darker, in general.
Apart from that, more invasive are the treatments of making skin lighter and peeling. They are mainly based on the effective products, such as Kojic acid (natural substance found in the Japanese fungi, naturally causes the cessation of the melanin production), Hydroquinon (sometimes could be very aggressive to the skin), and the Alpha hydroxyl acids.
At this point, it is important to emphasize that the treatment should be followed constantly, since the problem will likely get back after the cessation of the treatment.
And, finally, there are some natural possible solutions which can help in the process of dealing with the unpleasant spots. For example, it is very beneficial to use the peeling based on the juice from lemon (especially if having the oily skin), to cleanse the skin with the sour milk, or to put on the remedy on the affected area which is the mixture of the juices extracted from parsley, red currant, orange and lemon (very effective). All these are the tips for the removal of the consequence, but if the cause is some underlying health problem, such as, for example, the increased activity of the thyroid gland, it should be treated first.

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