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Information on Goji Berry Juice

Goji is a thorny bush commonly grown in Asia and lately theUnited States as well. The bush has long branches and long leaves gathered inrosettes, embellished with pink, luscious smelling flowers. The rind, leavesand the berries have been used for numerous centuries for the treatment ofnumerous different types of medical conditions. Those included neurasthenia,cold, bleeding and painful sensations in the joints. Goji berries are anexcellent source of sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, betaine,vitamin A, vitamin C, essential fatty acids and numerous other important typesof essential nutrients. They contain 21different minerals, 8 different sorts of essential amino acids and more than 18different sorts of amino acids. Goji berries are also known for contain abundantamounts of antioxidants and beta carotene. They contain 500 times more vitaminC than the oranges which are usually perceived as one of the best sources ofthis important vitamin. Another interesting fact is that goji berries containvitamin E, which no other type of fruit in the world can claim. Nowadays, onemay choose to obtain all the benefits of the goji berries by ingesting them inthe form of juice.

Health Benefits of Goji Berry Juice

Firstly, goji berry juice is perfectly safe for consumption,so anyone can consume it without fearing any of the unwanted side effects. Gojiberry juice is an excellent source of antioxidant so it may come in very handywhen it comes to slowing down the process of aging, fighting off the freeradicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage they cause in the humanbody on the cellular level. The juice is very efficient in strengthening theheart, alleviating the heart palpitations, fighting insomnia, reducingforgetfulness and alleviating the morning sickness commonly felt by mostpregnant women. Polysaccharides contained in the goji berry juice are veryefficient in controlling the process of aging while the beta-sitosterol may beof great help when it comes to improving the sexual health, reducing theamounts of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of goodcholesterol in the blood. Goji berry juice is known for having very powerfulantifungal and antibacterial properties and it boosts the functioning of theimmune system very efficiently. Goji berry juice is also very beneficial indetoxifying the body, cleansing the blood, strengthening the metabolism,preventing cancer and treating various medical conditions such as obesity,insomnia, poor memory, peptic ulcers, tuberculosis, liver problems, renal insufficiency,hypertension, headaches, dizziness, weakness, cough, poor eyesight,atherosclerosis and diabetes.

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