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Grave peril

The substance inquestion belongs to the category of sweeteners, which unfortunately, isextremely harmful and can produce long lasting effects that can ultimately evenprove to be fatal for the person in question, in case s/he consumes it on a regularbasis for longer periods of time. Some of already identified perilous effectsand possible health problems it can induce are serious brain damage, loss ofvision, various hearing related abnormalities and problems, and alike. This variety ofsweetener is completely artificial in nature; it does not contain saccharide, andis found in a number of food varieties and drinks, fulfilling the role ofsugar. In addition, it is increasingly employed as an active ingredient ofnumerous diet programmes, as well as food products that are low in calories.Some of the brand names it goes by are NutraSweet,Spoonful and Equal.

Aspartame revealed

This substance isaspartic acid dipeptide’s methyl ester. Once taken in by means of differentfood, it is known to trigger the release of aspartate in the course of the processof digestion. The released substance is a neurotransmitter used by the brainneurons and is in demand by the brain cells. But once its levels surpass theproper borderline mark, there is a great chance that blood poisoning willoccur, which can, in some cases, even prove to be fatal for the nerve cells that are located in the spinal cord and the brain itself. As a direct consequence ofthis, severe brain damage can occur.

Furthermore, thedebates regarding its malicious effects have started all the way back in the1980s, but this product is, nevertheless, still not on the FDA “unwanted list”.The reason for this is that it was given a green light in 1974. In thatperiod, the FDA was under the governance of Donald Rumsfeld who made hugefortune on the account of this sweetening product. Given the fact that the FDAsad “yes”, people remained in the dark regarding all its downsides and harmfuland even poisonous nature. For example, if pregnant women, which also happenedto be the case before, consume the food varieties containing this substance theywill ultimately end up feeding an enormous amount of toxins to their unbornchild. Hence, the increase in glutamate, which is brought on by aspartame, can furtherlead to serious brain damage of the baby. But its perilous effects do not endhere, since the person consuming this substance becomes also increasinglyexposed to it, especially the neurons that can be ruined by this substance beyondany possible repair. Another extremely dangerous side to it is that, whenconsumed by means of various diet drinks, it gets dissolved inside the smallintestine through digestion in the course of which the substance in questionproduces certain quantities of methanol known to affect the retina and theoptic nerve. Ultimately this can lead to visual complications and visionrelated unfavorable conditions.

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