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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener present in numerous products we consume daily. However, this substance is extremely dangerous for our health since it is known to cause depression, migraines, seizures and many other health problems.

Then and Now

In a majority of cases, substances which were legal about 20 years ago, are considered to be a health hazard and are banned today. In the same manner, New Mexico, for example, is trying to ban aspartame due to the fact that it can trigger 92 registered side-effects. Basically, aspartame travels through our body and gets stored in the tissues. Since it cannot be broken down through the digestive processes, it wreaks havoc upon our organism, affecting each person individually, depending on his/her immune system, metabolism and numerous well-being factors.

Negative Aspects of Aspartame

Some side-effects of aspartame take time to appear, while others are visible instantly. Due to the synthetic nature of this substance, its negative effects can rarely be countered by herbal medicines or medications per se.

Aspartame can affect the eyes, blurring the vision or leading to complete blindness. Flashing or burning in the eyes can also be present, along with tunnel vision, pain, lack of tears, bulging eyes and difficulties wearing contact lenses.

It may also affect the ears, causing hearing loss, tinnitus or intolerance to loud noises.

As for the neurological problems aspartame can be responsible for, seizures, headaches, dizziness, confusion, memory problems, fatigue and tiredness, numbness in the arms and legs, as well as speech, facial pain, tremors or hyperactivity, all belong to the list of potential aspartame side-effects.

However, this substance may attack our psychological health, leading to depression, anxiety, stress, aggressive behavior, phobias and sleeping disorders.

When it affects the digestive system, aspartame causes nausea, diarrhea or pain. High blood pressure, breathing difficulties or palpitations can be a sign of this substance taking its toll on your chest. The skin may be affected too, through rashes, itching, lip and mouth problems, hives and even asthma.

Finally, aspartame is known to trigger menstrual problems and imbalances, weight loss or gain, hair quality deterioration and hair loss, severe PMS symptoms, diabetes control and management issues, burning sensation during urination, fluid retention, strong thirst and many others including leg swelling, susceptibility to infections and bloating.

The True Face of Aspartame

Keep in mind that aspartame poisoning may easily result in death, permanent brain damage, peptic ulcers, mental retardation, birth defects, suicidal tendencies as well as addiction to the substance and, thereby, craving for more sweets. Aspartame poisoning, due to its symptoms may easily be mistaken for some other conditions like Lyme or Alzheimer's disease. Thus, if your doctor cannot diagnose the cause behind your condition, take aspartame into consideration, marking it to be the main suspect.

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