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Characteristics of Laser Hair Removal

It is estimated that laser hair removal represents the second most popular cosmetic procedure. Today it is quite natural for both genders to get rid of excess of hair. Even though up until recently only women worried about the excess of hair on their bodies, today this becomes issue that equally affects men.

Laser hair removal is a safe, uncomplicated, painless and very efficient way of hair removal. The treatment may need to be repeated (5-8 sessions) depending on the treated area but the results are amazing. The better results are achieved in case of dark instead of light hair. However, as it is the case in other procedures even laser hair removal carries certain risks.

What are Dangers of Hair Removal by Laser?

The most common side effects associated with laser hair removal are laser marks, burning and skin discoloration. Laser marks and burning are not so common side effects of the treatment and they never occur in case the procedure is performed correctly. This is why such side effects are considered a mistake made by a person who has performed laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal requires anesthesia. This is why there is a risk associated with anesthesia in people who are allergic to drugs administered in such purposes.

People who have undergone laser hair removal are advised to stay away from the sun for a certain period of time. If they are not disciplined and expose the treated area to the sun the risk of burns and swelling significantly increases.

In some people intake of medications may interfere in the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Therefore, patients are due to inform their doctor about all the medications they are currently taking.

Skin discoloration is relatively common side effect of laser hair removal. The treated skin can become lighter (hypopigmentation) comparing to the rest of the skin or darker (hyperpigmentation). This can be a very serious aesthetic problem and even though the unwanted hairs are gone the person now has to deal with another problem.

And finally, one of potential side effects of YAG laser in case they are used in treatment of darker tinted skin is the possibility of the removed hair to regrow. The hair can be restored within a couple of months which makes the procedure unsuccessful.

Since there are many potential side effects of laser hair removal one should discuss all of them with the doctor prior the very procedure. The patients are due to be familiar with all the benefits as well as negative effects of the procedure and then make a decision whether they are going to undergo the procedure and if they are ready to take the risk.

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