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Everyone who wants to get rid of unnecessary hair on thebody has a number of methods at disposal, but the greatest majority of themprovides only short-term results. The one that does provide permanent results isdefinitely the method that requires the use of laser. Laser hair removal is arelatively new cosmetic procedure but due to its effects, it has become very popular.The truth is that other factors contribute to its popularity as well, and one ofthem is the fact that it is pain free, or at least it should be. During thisprocedure, laser beams actually burn the hair follicle, thus resulting in permanent hairlessness. Depending on the area of the body that needs to betreated, the person will have to repeat the treatment, but regardless of thepart of the body, more than one will be needed. The pause between thetreatments should be from three to six weeks, which depends on the type of the skin.

How safe method is laser hair removal?

Generally speaking, this procedure is considered safe, andfinding a qualified dermatologist to perform it is what is of crucialimportance. It is possible that the person will end up with few punctures onthe skin, because it is not always possible to insert the laser into the holein which the hair follicle is, since they are very small. This happens even tothe most qualified technicians, and it is not a reason for too much concern. However,with increased frequency, the risks of developing some infection also increase.These puncture wounds will not be more noticeable than pin pricks, for example,but it is important to make sure that they are always clean and sterile untilthey heal. Skin care after the treatment is also important in order to avoid potentialinfections to which hair follicles might be exposed. The dermatologist willrecommend which hydrating and cleaning products should be used afterwards, andthe patient should follow the instructions.

People with sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist inadvance, because they will not have the same aftercare as people who do nothave so sensitive skin. Their skin care after the treatment will probablyinclude the products that prevent the development of infections andinflammation. As for the signs experienced after the laser hair removal, themost commonly reported are stinging and skin turning pink. A few days later, a personmight feel as if the treated skin is sunburned, but this effect should not bepresent for long.

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