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Sun damage

The sun can cause a lot of damage to the skin and leave marks on it that will be permanent if not treated. Age spots, freckles and birthmarks can all be removed surgically.

When there are a lot of these marks on the skin, especially if they are very blotchy, dark and have a lot of discoloration, they will make the person look a lot older.

Brown spots sometimes develop later in life as a result of too much exposure to the sun.

Some, like birthmarks, can be hereditary.

No matter what the cause of the spots is, they can be removed thanks to the advancements in laser technology that have been made in recent years.

These treatments are safe and will enable a person to remove sunspots and restore the skin to its more youthful look.

The laser surgery can be tailors specifically to match a person’s skin type as well.

About laser surgery

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, about 170,000 Americans underwent laser resurfacing surgery in 1998, and these numbers have increased significantly over the last decade.

Laser resurfacing is a burning procedure that is very controlled during which the laser vaporizes superficial layers of the skin, which can be used to remove things such as wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, folds, creases and even benign growths.

Laser procedure is used to revitalize the face and make it look fresh again.


When a person is interest in laser surgery for sun damage removal, the surgeon will help to get the best results and to thoroughly discuss with the patient what they are exactly expecting from the surgery.

The doctor will perform a careful examination of the skin and discuss the treatment and what the person should expect as far as risks and limits are concerned.

The best candidate for the procedure are people of any age who want to remove damage caused by the sun from the skin or lighten any discolored areas of the skin, so there are no real requirements as far as the laser treatment is concerned.


The procedure itself is noninvasive, effective on all skin types and can be used almost anywhere on the body, including on the face, hands, chest, and neck, which is where it is most commonly used.

Recovery will include redness of the skin, which will fade shortly.

Patients are advised to stay out of the sun for a certain period of time after the procedure.

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