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Borage is an herb originally from Syria but naturalized throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as Asia Minor, Europe, North Africa, and South America. The herb is also known as starflower because of the flowers with five narrow, triangular-pointed petals that have blue and purplish-pink colors. Borage has a weed-like growth pattern and grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet. It is often eaten as a fresh vegetable, in salads, or used as a garnish. However, this herb possesses numerous health benefits and it is often cultivated for its medical features.

Active ingredients of borage тех

One of the very good ways to consume borage and enjoy its health benefits is to prepare a borage tea. The tea is prepared with ¼ cup of dried leaves and flowers, soaked into the boiling water. The mix should steep and soak for five minutes, and it is ready for use. Borage herb contains significant amounts of beta-carotene, choline, mucilage, gamma-linoleic acid, fiber and trace minerals. The leaves of this herb contain vitamin C and are rich in calcium, potassium and mineral salts.

Health benefits of borage tea

Borage has been used for a long time by many herbalists, as it possesses great number of fantastic health benefits. Borage is usually used to treat throat irritation, dry cough, asthma, bronchitis and colds. It is also found efficient in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis. Borage has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it may help to alleviate fever, may aid in fighting arthritis and rheumatism and be effective in treatment of urinary tract infections. It also has powerful soothing properties and can help to people suffering from sadness, grief, depression and melancholy. It improves circulation and applied topically it is said to treat various skin problems such as boils and bodily rashes. The tea is often used for cleansing and detoxification. On the whole, borage is a herb that acts as a cleansing agent and has cooling effects on the whole body. This feature makes it especially useful for the treatment of any disorder connected to congestion, inflammation, and excessive heat in the body.

The herb is a powerful diuretic able to accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body, through the pores on the skin and by the urine. The tea is very effective in treatment of various children eruptive diseases and conditions such as measles and chickenpox. The remedy made from the borage is also used in the treatment of feverish colds, different coughs and the common flu in children.

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