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Living healthydoes not only mean avoiding fast food full with the bad fat,tons of carbohydrates that create fatty cells, increase cholesterol, triglycerides, to name but a few of medical complications. Further problems include increased bloodpressure, problems with the functioning of some inner organs such as pancreas,liver, kidneys, even heart, unfortunately.

Eating habits

People simply do notunderstand the point of healthy eating habits. Intake of calories is not theonly thing that needs to be controlled; there is also the ratio of nutrients,which depends on what a body actually needs at the moment. Decreasing theintake of carbs and fats should decrease the total value of calories, which leadsto the fat burning process. Of course, this is much easier achieved with the helpof some supplements. As for the supplements, if there is no intensive trainingprocess present, then there is no need for aggressive fat burners, and a herbal teamight be a perfect additive, not because of weight reduction, but because ofgreat health benefits that a tea has.

Damiana tea

Damiana tea is aninteresting tea that perhaps does not help directly with the weight issues, but ithas some other qualities. The first and foremost thing damiana tea is used foris libido. It has been known as an excellent libido booster for ages, and assuch it has been and is still used for dealing with the problems of the reproductivesystem (especially the woman's). Women use it if their estrogen level is too lowand if they have problems with menstrual cycle, but some claim that it even helpswith infertility issues, although that has not yet been proven. There is also a theory that it helps with somemental problems. Some used it as an energy replenisher. It is obvious thatdamiana tea benefits are numerous and that it should be used by those who need it.

There are other uses ofthis tea that do not include physical aspect. There are people who believethat damiana tea is excellent for some sort of spiritual rising, which isparticularly emphasized in Central America. Even though it doeshave a lot of positive effects, it is not recommendable for use by pregnantwomen, but it should be kept in mind that overusing can lead straight to the headaches. This means that consultinga doctor before using is highly recommendable, and of course, if the sideeffects do occur, drinking of this tea should be stopped.

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